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Q. What type of ingredients do you use to create the anointing oils?

A. We use extra virgin olive oil imported from Israel and pure plant, tree, flower and herb oils. These pure ingredients do not smell like store bought perfumes. They are authentic and smell similar to the actual ingredients used during the Biblical time period. What was considered a "sweet" scent in Biblical days is not the same type of "sweet" scent we have become accustomed to smelling in this modern day.

Q. Is someone available by phone to help me decide which ingredients to use to create my own anointing oil.

A. We have a Biblical Anointing Oil Specialist available to assist you with creating your special anointing oil. This service is limited to a 1/2 hour per session and includes a 1/6 oz. vial of custom anointing oil. A Creative Formulation fee of $45.00 must be paid before the session begins. Click here to order.

Q. If I would like to purchase the same anointing oil again do I need to go through all the selection process again?

A. No. We keep a record of the formula used to create your anointing oil on file. If you would like to re-order you only need to type in the name and order number of the anointing oil you would like created again.

Q. Where can I purchase anointing oil that is ready to use?

A.  Victorie Inc. stocks a large selection of scented anointing oils for prayer, worship, protection, and blessing.  Click here to see our selection.


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